Directoire Scarlet Ribbons

A style from about 1797 to 1800, sometimes held to be referential to the Reign of Terror (along with women wearing their hair short).  Make of it what you will, here are some women wearing white dresses trimmed with red (or close enough) ribbons.  The fashion may appear outside those years– I found these looking for a different 1798 plate.

You can read a bit more about the “croisures a la victime” at this archived page (the page is still up, but its code is broken).  The writer relates the “X across the back” style to the “bal des victimes” fad, but I don’t know whether other arrangements of red ribbons, in X shapes or otherwise, are equally significant. Continue reading “Directoire Scarlet Ribbons”


Ornamented Trousers during the English Regency, Directoire, Federal Period, et c.

Tight long pants (and a couple shorter pairs) with fancy braid decorating the fall, seat, or outseams.

British trousers, 1810-1820, held at the V&A.

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Ornamented Trousers during the English Regency, Directoire, Federal Period, et c.

Dresses similar to strawberry dress, 1800-1810

Decorated borders and hems on dresses are pretty prevalent throughout the Regency period.  This dress with strawberries is super-fabulous; here it is with its peers, which are dresses from about 1804-7 with a wide border at the hem consisting of a repeating fruit or floral motif in crewel or polychrome embroidery which extends in a single stripe up to the waistband, while the rest of the dress is of a plain, solid color (usually white) with no sprigging,striping, et c.


French, ca. 1805, cotton with wool embroidery, now held at the Met.  Hem border goes all the way around; waist and cuffs have smaller matching motif. From the Cora Ginsburg auction catalog: “CREWEL EMBROIDERED DRESS, French, ca. 1805, This gown is believed to have belonged to the Comtesse de Pontèves-Bargème, née Marie Antoinette de Paul (1787–1854) who married Louis Balthasar Alexandre, Comte de Pontèves-Bargème (1781–1868) on April 16, 1804. One of the oldest noble families of Provence, the Pontèves-Bargème resided in the Château d’Ansouis from the twelfth century onward.”

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Dresses similar to strawberry dress, 1800-1810