Yearbooks, chapter 2: 1920-25

The early 1920s.

I think I mentioned, my focus in these was mostly looking for 1920s hairstyles (for young and stylish people that aren’t theater or folly performers) that might be useful for my medium-length non-curly hair, in a decade when the fashion is for short and super curly or artificially waved. So if these seem not quite like the classic flapper ‘dos you were expecting, that’s why! Continue reading “Yearbooks, chapter 2: 1920-25”


Women wearing men’s suits (as women), 1890s-1920s

I’m going to refrain from making any comments or assumptions about the gender identity, sexual orientation, or lifestyle practices of any of these people– I’m just interested in the details of their clothes.  Relatedly, and specifically, what I’m looking at is pictures of women wearing men’s suits, without significant obvious modification to flatter a woman, but without bound/hidden breasts, or without hair cut or worn to look like a close man’s haircut.  Women passing as men wearing men’s suits is a different subject.

I’m also excluding images that clearly seem like a costume– a photo of a man wearing an ill-suited dress and a woman wearing a suit, or two women posed in front of a studio background wearing suits one of which is several sizes too big, seems to me more likely a goofy thing among friends and family, and not indicative of contemporary fashion practices.  I might do a separate post for costumes– there are some amazing ladies-styled-men’s-suit costumes, and really snappy male impersonators, plus of course the cross-dressed couple cabinet cards. Continue reading “Women wearing men’s suits (as women), 1890s-1920s”

Women wearing men’s suits (as women), 1890s-1920s