Some lighter fare

I love when I mix up words in ways that seem telling about me– like the day I was thinking of a bookstore (McIntyre & Moore) but was sure I’d misspeak and say the name of a furniture store (Mohr & McPherson)… but what I actually said was Michelson & Morley, the scientists who first measured the speed of light.  Or the time I meant to say “Wayne like John Wayne?”… but said Bruce.

My most recent one is not at all surprising: I stopped in the middle of a sentence realizing I’d been talking about Boccaccio’s iconic wavy-blond-haired saints.  Boccaccio is a fourteenth century writer famous for De Mulieribus Claris (On Famous Women), so his name comes up a lot in my research!  But of course I meant Botticelli, who is famous for painting blonds, possibly including Caterina Sforza.

But to bring it all full circle, my paperback copy of Boccaccio has a Botticelli painting on the cover (“Pallas and the Centaur”)which is identified in this article as bearing many symbols associated with Caterina and her family.


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