1490s Fur

Yes, more 1490s.  And more sleeves!  I’m planning an over-garment for my 1490s dress.

I’ll make this one quicker than the last post.


I love these sleeves (left), but this garment won’t quite do.  I don’t want to make a whole second dress (shaped bodice, pleated skirt, et c) and I don’t want to make it black (inappropriate to the memory of Caterina Sforza).88d97c157277e48aa5f8586813f43d79

What other options are there for leopard fur trim around the year 1500?

This big-sleeve style (right) is, I think, after 1520 (as is the picture at left), so really too late for my project (which is 1490s but could reasonably stretch to 1510).

So… what leopard options are earlier?


This (left) might be too early, but it’s pretty fabulous.b74fe52dfa644282e680557fac9ece07

This (right) looks like a cute fur-trimmed partlet… but it’s from the late 19th century, so no go.



Here (right, in green) is fur trim in the 1490s!

Renaissance fashion.  Where else can you say “Look at this fabulous dress! Don’t mind the bleeding crucifixion”?  This, as an overdress, won’t show what’s under it very well, and I don’t think it’s Italian.



Here, however, (left) is Caterina Sforza82b7915619320ba8b706f8aa529c800d‘s niece (in Austria) wearing a fur-trimmed or lined dress ca 1490.

Similar trim style with bigger sleeves in 1518 (right).



But wait!  That dress with the fualex-me-dress-croppedr-lined skirt!  Sevenstarwheel has a better attribution for the image, and made the dress for herself (left)!  And the attribution is the important part here: Les Épîtres d’Ovide, trad. Octovien de Saint-Gelais, Bnf ms français 874, 1498-1502.  Which is to say, exactly the right time period.  From France, but since a French army was in northern Italy at the time, it’s not out of the question that there might have been some fashion sharing.  There are definitely common fashion elements recognizable between these illustrations and the Italian portraits.tumblr_n28d62bfec1rhlcb9o3_400

You can see more pictures of well-dressed martyrs writing letters here (but note, they are martyrs, so there’s a lot of death).  There’s even, wonder of wonders, one of a woman in a gold brocade dress with brown spotted fur lining over a red dress, which is exactly what I’m hoping to make.

I will still need to keep looking to find a less fitted style, as I want it to show off the red dress and go on and off easily.  But!  Look!  A gold brocade and spotted-fur dress from the late 1490s!

1490s Fur

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